Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let The Fun Begin

Today is the first official day of the ASJ KAL that perhaps as many as 134 of my fellow Ravelry-ers are participating in. I've spent the last couple of weeks assembling what I hope is a spectacular array of yarn colors and textures and I am happy with what I'm seeing thus far.

I swatched, trying to make sure that I have just the right amount of drape and firmness so my ASJ isn't stiff or droopy. I think I've succeeded with colors, and color values that will make this project one that I'll be happy with for a long time. I like classic, elegant, lines I'm not a frills kinda girl, and that's what appeals to me about the ASJ, it's not cutesey or tendy, it's a classic just like Elizabeth Zimmermann was.

I'm smiling at the thought that I have a community of friends that I haven't yet met that are all working on the same pattern, creating their own versions of a timeless classic. Thank you EZ, thank you Meg Swansen, thank you Ravelry-ers and Thank you H. S.

Be Blessed,


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