Monday, March 9, 2009

Loving this project...

I'm loving working on this jacket! It's a wonderful way to play with color, to try different colors, maybe to incorporate one that you might not want an entire garment in, but you love it anyway ::smile:: You can read a little more about my color musings on my blog:

After starting the first four (long!) rows, I realized a dropped a stitch on the first row, and did something funky on one of my decreases.... Not being able to figure out how to fix it, I ended up casting on again (!) but now I'm soldiering on, and I'm close to finishing the decreases. (Yay!)

Friday, March 6, 2009


I've gotten my sleeves done added a stripe and am half way through the increases. My cast on was 360 stitches with Paton's classic wool in dark grey, stripes to be in classic red and natural. It is getting a bit akward and heavy. I'm using the Boye Needlemaster so its about time to lengthen the circular. I put pictures on my blog and also a picture of the ASJ I completed as a sample for the class I'm teaching. The completed jacket is in Vanna's Choice on size 9's. As typical of garter stitch it is a little saggy. If I were to use that yarn again I would definetly go down a needle size. I hope everyone else's jacket is going smoothly. Marianne

Monday, March 2, 2009

Taking the plunge!

Choosing the yarns has been a challenge! Working from stash, I've picked several shades of Cascade 220, one colorway of Noro Kureyon, some Jo Sharp DK Tweed (2 lonely balls that seem to fit in well!) 2 lively, warm shades of Malabrigo for accents, and some Reynold's Odyssey (long discontinued, but a gorgeous colorway that I had to get from a sale bin!)

I'm going to have to wing it for the color placement, because I still can't figure out exactly where the cast on begins on this jacket ::grin:: The main color will be Cascade 220 #4001 "Bluestone", a medium-dark blue. Will be casting on tonight.....about a zillion stitches! Should be fun!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cast on of 315 stitches

I am using Lionbrand Fishermens wool in the Natural color and in Natures Brown. I started in the natural color and cast on 315 stitches. My row pattern is 2 rows of natural, 8 rows of brown. My gauge is 5 sts/ inch and 10 rows /inch. I'll check in again when I finish the 35 decreases.
Susan M.

Let The Fun Begin

Today is the first official day of the ASJ KAL that perhaps as many as 134 of my fellow Ravelry-ers are participating in. I've spent the last couple of weeks assembling what I hope is a spectacular array of yarn colors and textures and I am happy with what I'm seeing thus far.

I swatched, trying to make sure that I have just the right amount of drape and firmness so my ASJ isn't stiff or droopy. I think I've succeeded with colors, and color values that will make this project one that I'll be happy with for a long time. I like classic, elegant, lines I'm not a frills kinda girl, and that's what appeals to me about the ASJ, it's not cutesey or tendy, it's a classic just like Elizabeth Zimmermann was.

I'm smiling at the thought that I have a community of friends that I haven't yet met that are all working on the same pattern, creating their own versions of a timeless classic. Thank you EZ, thank you Meg Swansen, thank you Ravelry-ers and Thank you H. S.

Be Blessed,


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This blog is all about the adventure that the members of Ravelry's Adult Surprise Jacket KAL are embarking upon. Encouragement, inspiration, progress, frustration, and accomplishment can be cataloged here. We can share our individual and collective journey's in designing, planning, executing, completing, and wearing our creations. Join us as we share in word and through pictures the rich tradition of knitting as community. Be Blessed, D.D.